A smaller footprint is our best foot forward

Promoting Good Sustainability Practices

As Global Citizens, going green and the sustainability of our environment is important to us. We are committed to following and promoting good sustainability practice, reducing the environmental impacts of all our activities and to help our clients and partners to do the same. With our clients, we continuously focus on providing sustainable solutions and integrating environmental considerations into at every level of our business practice. With our technology providers and associates, we work with partners that are active proponents of environmentally-conscious green practices. Where we have influence, we encourage manufacturers to make environmental information available on their websites and partner closely with suppliers to provide clients with all the proper information available from related manufacturers.

Our Commitment to Making Meetings Green

One, we strive to continually minimize our environmental impact by working with like-minded technology partners who produce the cleanest, energy efficient and renewable products.

Two, we show clients how they can be greener on day one with realtime distance collaboration solutions. We work with our technology partners to offer our clients the opportunity to procure and operate with greener AV solutions which help minimise unnecessary travel and lower their carbon footprint.

Three, we embrace the opportunity to help protect and preserve our environment by providing safe ways to manage and dispose the “end of life” electronic products responsibly.