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Spaces and Environments

Designing highly effective collaborative workspaces have been our lifeblood for the past 17 years. From a simple meeting room to fully transformative workspaces, we design secure and flexible digital collaboration solutions that make these environments work smarter and people work closer together, espeically across multiple locations/countries.

Our integrated solutions are super easy to use, significantly enhance workplace productivity and are even “millennial approved”.

Office Lobby
The Office Lobby is often the first impression your client will have of your business and will be designed to reflect your corporate philosophy whilst ensuring brand awareness and functionality.
Co-working Spaces
As co-working spaces increase in popularity globally, DVI is well placed to assist with the design to ensure that users can work effectively whilst being involved in several different types of activities.
Workplaces of the future, designed with millennials’ working style taken into consideration, provides technology solutions enabling collaboration, ensuring that users can work effectively from any location via secure connections from any device and at any time.
Hangout & Town-hall Spaces
Utilising appropriate AV technology, coupled with an understanding of your company’s culture, DVI will create aesthetically appealing internal spaces, distinct from the formal work environment. These internal areas will also provide for a town-hall meeting space that is enabled for network broadcast.
Meeting Rooms or Boardrooms
In the design of any meeting room, DVI will consider the needs of both the client and employees, ensuring the best environment for management and client meetings, brainstorming sessions, and collaboration utilising the best technology available.
Training Rooms
We can assist your business in providing AV technology that enhances the learning environment, designed specifically for your business training needs. Our solutions cater for both in-person and remote training, with the provision of flexible and easy to use arrangements.
Experience Centres
Using leading edge technology and working in partnership with our clients; DVI can design, implement and manage Customer Experience and Innovation centers providing a focused and relevant customer journey, defining and augmenting any customer relationship.
Advanced Visual Environments
DVI’s experience extends to the provision of immersive interactive environments through the integration of advanced technologies including Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions.
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