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About Workplace Tech Solutions

Empowering you with trustworthy data and insights through our IoT solutions, so you can achieve seamless integration and optimised workplace experience.

Hot-Desking System

Foster a more social and collaborative office by upgrading your workplace for efficiency and flexibility with our remote desk reservation system.

Visitor Management

Streamline your guest experience with automated pre-registration, contactless arrival, and real-time alerts, ensuring a seamless and secure process.

Workplace Monitoring

Maximise your workspace for productivity, intelligently allocate resources, and receive real-time occupancy alerts for a safe and optimised environment.

Smart Analytics

Access real-time data on workplace occupancy and shared resources through a user-friendly dashboard, empowering informed business decisions.

For facilities managers

Athena Analytics ensures efficient maintenance, cost-effective work orders, and optimises daily office energy consumption for facility managers.

For estate managers

Athena Analytics guides office managers with reliable insights, aiding in long-term estate commitments and resource optimisations for dynamic and hybrid workplace needs.


Athena Analytics at a glance

Optimise your workplace operations and planning through data-driven insights with Athena Analytics, crafted in compliance with commercial standards

Occupancy Analytics

A solution that employs the use of multiple occupancy/people movement sensors. Find out insights on real-time & historical occupancy, capacity vs resource and more for optimisation. 

Queueing Analytics

A solution that utilises of 3D stereoscopic sensors providing actionable insights and pattern in queueing zone occupancy levels and metrics throughout workday.

Sustainability analytics

A solution that assess & progress your organisation’s emissions and resources conservation using only the latest automation such as washroom sanitisation and on-site food waster composting technology.

IEQ analytics

A solution using powerful Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) sensors, we ensure a healthy environment for staff which is compliant to commercial green building standards.

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